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Need a great parking spot?

Why stress over finding a parking spot? Parken makes it easy to book both public and private spaces (including SecretSpot™ and Karma Spot™) in the neighborhood you’re looking for. Your spot is ready for you™!

Have a parking space to rent?

Do you have a parking spot that sits empty a lot? Make it pay and earn $$$ and extra bonuses as you get more bookings!


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Earn extra $!
Be a Parken host.

If you have a parking space that sits empty for a day, week or month, why leave it empty when you can rent out your space(s) and make extra money right from your smartphone.

What can you rent?
Either from your residence or business:

  • Your
  • Your
  • Your

How much could you make per year? Calculate Now!

Parken is Perfect for Hosts
Like You!
  • Easily post your space and instantly be seen on the Parken map.
  • Parken alerts you when Guests request your space. Browse, accept and receive automatic payment.
  • Make Guests you like a ‘favorite’ for repeat parking.
  • Additional features include live tracking to see when your guests come and go.

Download now to start earning $

As you a host you receive 90% of booking fees! Plus you can earn bonus rewards as you keep booking your space. It’s absolutely FREE to register your space and get started as a Parken host. Start filling your wallet by renting out your empty parking spaces, download the app now!

About Parken

Parken is a new app created to help travelers reserve a parking space, while at the same time allowing hosts to make extra money by offering their available, unused parking spaces up for rent.

Connecting through the Parken platform, parking guests search through a list of available spaces at the location they are traveling to, pay a fee via credit card and then are free to use that space throughout their parking reservation window.

Hosts simply offer their spaces via the app, follow a few simple instructions and sit back and enjoy a passive income stream.

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